What Others Say About Us

"A poetic history book of hope, speckled with phenomenal classic pictures of those who forged ahead of us, or beside us, living this poetry during a life of despair, with heads held up by love, faith and hope."
Karen M. Alexander, Executive
Saralee Corporation

"Fred Jackson has truly found his niche. Priceless Pearls is a true representative of the Harlem Renaissance Era.  His poems are certainly moving and captures the ears of the listeners.  During this Black History Month, I have had the opportunity to share his poems on a daily basis with the students and staff.  One of our all time favorites is "Let the Flowers Grow".  The students and staff have verbally expressed their appreciation of such fine poetry and the history facts about the Harlem era."
Sheila L. Henry, Principal
Glade View Elementary School
Belle Glade, Florida

Our Books

Mr. Jackson is no stranger to authorship; He is a two time Pulitzer Prize nominee, (1992 & 1994) a Coretta Scott King Book Award nominee (2007), Newbery Medal and Caldecott Medal nominee (2007). Fred James “Catfish” Jackson, has penned such books as One Race Many Cultures 2, They Call Me Names, and the Catfish and Jabo Children’s book series, featuring Homework, Lightning Thumps Again, and newly released Priceless Pearls a tribute to the writers and musicians of the Harlem Renaissance period.

Priceless Pearls

priceless pearls

Poetry at its best. A historical perspective of the Harlem Renaissance.
US - $16.95 plus S/H
CANADA - $20.95 plus S/H

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This children's book is ideal for young readers as well as those who enjoy a good story.
US - $14.95 plus S/H
CANADA - $18.95 plus S/H

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One Race Many Cultures

historical poetry

Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like).

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Poetry of Man Videos


Various War - A tribute to Our fallen soilders, the wounded and the dead and those who lived to tell the story.

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